ONE MORE CHANCE – The partners meet in Barcelona

On 27 and 28 of June, Club Lluita Olimpica La Mina hosted in Barcelona the third transnational meeting of the project One More Chance, which aims to improve social inclusion of refugees through sport activities.

During the first day of meeting, the whole consortium visited the La Mina district of Barcelona, one of the most problematic in the city, and known closely one sport reality that since the 2000s actively struggle to provide better life opportunities to young people through the practice of sports: the wrestling club La Mina. The partners also had the opportunity to attend the Greco-Roman wrestling training.

During the second day of the TM, the participants from Spain, Italy and Greece went to the CAR – Centro de Alto Rendimiento – in Barcelona, ​​a sport performance center where young high potential athletes from different sports spend their life. In these amazing facilities the final conference of the OMC project was held. During the event, in which various local stakeholders took part, ADIC explained the theoretical model aimed at promoting the social inclusion of young people with a migratory background through sports activities, developed by the consortium during the project life cycle.

Moreover CEIPES, represented by the football coach Maria Iole Volpi, presented the project’s Online Learning Platform. The main output of the project is indeed The OMC e-learning platform, within which the Consortium uploaded: lesson plans, training videos, practical activities and interviews with experienced sportsmen and coaches focused on the social dimension of sport.

To learn more about sport as a tool for and social inclusion and integration, visit the platform.

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