Learning mobilities for individuals and staff

CEIPES ETS aims to contribute to the improvement of educational policies and practices starting from the reading of the contexts and the real needs of individuals and communities, together with constant updating on the institutional regulatory frameworks at international and local level. This purpose recalls an approach to social and educational planning based on the dialogue between all the parties involved in the processes of formal, non-formal and informal and lifelong learning, a perspective that conceives every experience of existence as a contribution to the growth of the person, both in terms of empowerment and in terms of developing skills.

The task of CEIPES ETS is to design and facilitate the access of young people and adults to learning paths through which they can discover and nourish their potential on the basis of their motivational drives, as well as acquire an ever greater awareness of themselves as individuals and professionals. 

CEIPES ETS operates in the field of training  with the contribution of many professional experts with different competences in several sectors through a learning by doing approach and an active participation of learners.

The used methodologies refer to a variety of techniques and approaches that stimulate creativity and potential of learners; in order to respond to the different needs and desires for growth, the learning settings open up to new cognitive horizons, encouraging learners to become agents of their own growth path.

Ceipes ETS operates through learning mobility at local and international level, supporting educational and training paths of young people and adults, building a European network between training institutions in the city, companies and other organizations based abroad.

Learning Mobilities

Through various funding programs, CEIPES ETS offers the opportunity to young people and adults, students and professionals, to spend short, medium or long-term periods abroad, participating in training and internship activities with specific objectives in different sectors.

The skills acquired are recognized through European certification tools (Europass, mobility, Youth Pass, etc.)

Courses for teachers, educational providers and organizations staff


The courses can be financed through the Erasmus + Key Action 1: Mobility of Staff program.

Traineeships/ Work placement for young people (VET Learners)


The traineeship can be financed through the Key Action 1: Mobility for learners program.

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