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Are you passionate about making a difference? Do you have a strong desire to work with a diverse and talented team, committed to driving social and economic change? Look no further – CEIPES ETS, is the perfect place for you! We are on a mission to create a brighter future, and we are always on the lookout for dynamic and dedicated individuals to join our growing team.

At CEIPES ETS we focus on promoting education and sustainable development through a wide range of innovative projects and initiatives. With a strong emphasis on collaboration and cooperation, our international team works tirelessly to empower individuals and communities around the world, fostering a spirit of unity and progress.

Only applications made by filling in the google forms will be accepted. To request information about human resources, write to

European Project Management

Project Manager
The Project Manager is in charge of the creation and management of European projects, especially taking care of their implementation. He/she works on different topics, from project start-up to project monitoring and reporting closure, following Project Management techniques and methods, and he/she is knowledgeable about the topics of the Work Unit.
  • Coordinating and implementing activities under funded projects, scheduling and managing tasks assigned to CEIPES within consortia 
  • Designing and writing new projects for its work unit
  • Autonomously ensuring the quality of the projects under management 
  • Managing the incoming and outgoing budget
  • Organising and managing dissemination events to share project results (workshops, conferences)
  • Coordinating project partners  
  • Training, supporting and mentoring colleagues where needed
  • Bachelor's degree in disciplines related to the fields of application of CEIPES and the unit of reference (Innovation, Sustainability, Human Rights, Arts and Culture, Psychology, Sports Disciplines, etc.).
  • Ability to develop and write a project, or a desk research, in English
  • Interest and motivation to work in the social, research, development and education sector 
  • Excellent organisational skills and strong autonomy in work, a digital mindset and good problem-solving skills, continuous improvement orientation, forward-looking vision
  • Previous experience in European design, either in writing or implementation or related areas

HR Department

HR Specialist/Generalist

The HR Specialist/Generalist supports the HR department in developing and implementing the Association's human capital management policies and strategies, manages the personnel recruitment and selection process and deals with the management of employment contracts. Lastly, the figure will actively supports all department activities.



  • Manage the personnel recruitment and selection process in accordance with the directives of the Department Manager
  • Interfacing with the internal functions and with the labor consultant in personnel administration
  • Manage contracts and the activation of agreements and internships
  • Support the orientation of new resources
  • Support the department in the design and development of HR Department initiatives and projects
  • Support the team in resource skills assessment processes
  • Support the team in training processes
  • Develop staff engagement
  • Develop Employer Branding
  • Degree in Law, preferred, or Business Administration/Psychology of Work and/or Masters in Human Resources
  • Minimum 2 years experience in the Human Resources sector, in a specific area or in the general management of HR processes (mandatory)
  • Good knowledge of English both written and spoken (mandatory)
  • Experience in managing employment contracts (preferred)
  • Knowledge of HR management policies (preferred)
  • Communication and empathy skills, conflict negotiation, organization, autonomy, problem solving, result orientation and confidentiality are also considered essential.

    Financial, Logistic and Administration Team

    The Accountant supports the administrative and logistical activities of the Association and related projects.

    • General and analytical accounting management.
    • Project reporting.
    • Supporting the activities of the Logistics and Administration office.
    • First note recording.
    • Balancing of accounts.
    • Reconciliation of expenses and invoices.
    • Support for administrative control of project documentation.
    • Support budgeting and management control activities.
      • Bachelor's degree in Economics, Accounting or related field.
      • Experience, even brief, as an Accountant or in a similar accounting role.
      • Knowledge of elements of financial statements and general and analytical accounting.
      • Knowledge of active and passive invoicing and VAT settlement.
      • Ability to use at least one accounting software.
      • Good knowledge of Office package and major collaboration suites.
      • Knowledge of English language level B1.
      • Accuracy and attention to detail.
      • Spirit of initiative.
      • Learning orientation.

    Development of potential, empowerment, and education are some of the pillars on which CEIPES ETS is founded. If you are a recent graduate or a young person who wants to embark on a new career path, you have the opportunity to train and develop your potential supported by a mentor and qualified staff within our team. The internship is based on on-the-job training and includes setting goals for developing skills and knowledge, periodic monitoring meetings, CEIPES ETS coaching tools and working methods, and participation in meetings and activities of your working department. There are several options for accessing an internship with CEIPES ETS, including the Erasmus for Traineeship program . The internship at CEIPES ETS will allow you to develop your soft and hard skills in a multicultural and international environment, giving you the opportunity to activate professional collaborations with CEIPES ETS at the end of your internship.


    The course is intended to train the professional figure of the planner, in the field of local planning, who will be able to develop the architecture of a training or development intervention for individuals and communities, following its implementation phases. You will participate in the different activities of the department and in the projects implemented in the field of local networking.

    Project Office Europlanning

    The course is designed to learn the main European and international cooperation programs (Horizon, Erasmus +, CERV, EU4Health, AMIF, Creative Europe and others ). You will be able to learn the techniques, methods and tools of project management by supporting the project managers of your Unit in the implementation of project tasks.

    Financial, Logistic and Administration

    This course is intended at learning how to manage projects and the organisation's administration and finances. You will become autonomous in supporting the administration in its activities related to logistics and supply management. 

    Communication and Graphics

    The course is aimed at learning communication processes, social media management and techniques for creating graphic content for the CEIPES ETS's projects. You will autonomously carry out departmental activities, supporting coordinators in the implementation of the tasks related to the project.


    The course is aimed at learning how to manage the CEIPES ETS's IT systems and at carrying out new technological solutions for project implementation. You will become autonomous in the execution of departmental tasks and office support activities related to IT tools.

    The course is aimed at learning how to manage translation activities for the creation of multilingual content. You will become autonomous in the implementation of departmental activities and time management with regard to translation tasks.
    Human Resources

    The path is aimed at learning and understanding the processes relating to the field of human resources in their entirety. You will support the HR department in the various activities, you will learn to move in the field of recruitment, skills assessment and management of HR documentation, reaching an adequate level of autonomy.

    CEIPES ensures support on your academic path by offering you the opportunity to carry out the curricular internship envisaged in the degree program within our offices. The path includes involvement in local and international activities and projects, contact with stakeholders, observation and experimentation with working methods on which our team is based. The tutor of reference will follow you on your learning path and assign you activities in line with the specific skills to be acquired. 

    The experience will also enable you to learn how to manage relationships in a work context and adapt your communication style in relation to the different partners. The core skills in the learning path will be mainly: work organisation, management of responsibilities, use of IT tools, and acquisition of autonomy.

    Curricular internship

    You will be able to carry out your curricular internship in one of the CEIPES ETS's departments. Depending on your course of study, and learning interests, you may be involved in:

    • Local projects aimed at the community, supporting the tasks of the project (RISELAB)
    • European projects related to training for youth and adults on issues concerning the different Work Units (Project office)
    • Activities of the finance and administration department
    • Activities of the graphics and communication department
    • Activities of the IT department
    • Activities of the human resources department

    If you want to join our team through a spontaneous application or you want to tell us about your interest in mobility or volunteering experiences, tell us something about yourself!

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