Ceipes Working Approach

CEIPES intervention strategy is based on an educational and training approach and on a process of awareness and information. Often, basic activities are proposed to promote change through more complex actions such as training courses and workshops. In addition, CEIPES approach is based on networking and cooperation at local and international level, with the aim of exchanging good practices and knowledges among non-profit organizations, private institutions, etc.

Human Rights and Advocacy

One of the strategies for the defense of human rights is Advocacy. With this term is meant the set of actions for the defense and promotion of community rights (exercised by associations and non-governmental organizations). Advocacy aims to influence national and / or international policy decisions on development, the fight against poverty, the promotion of human rights, and economic and social justice through a series of strategic actions.

We have always worked in the field of human rights and our action is mainly focused on human rights education with young people, adults and multipliers, such as teachers, social workers, educators, volunteers, etc.

Intercultural dialogue

The promotion of diversity is a prerequisite for promoting intercultural dialogue, which is a
respectful and open-minded exchange of views between individuals and groups of different
ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic origins. Intercultural dialogue is a prerogative
necessary for all societies and promoted both locally and internationally.
That is why we work to ensure that cultural diversity is appreciated as a resource and valued
for its creative potential.


Anti-Discrimination refers to all the work aimed at eliminating discrimination and exclusion based on the belonging of an individual or group to a category.

That is why our work is oriented towards building a society of equality and equal opportunities for all people, regardless of their economic / cultural / ethnic origin, gender, age, political / religious affiliation, sexual orientation, etc.

Peace and nonviolence

To build a fairer and equitable society, it is vital to relate to the principles of peace and nonviolence, which means to take responsibility and action against injustice without using violence in our daily life in the relations with others and our own community. That is why we think it is necessary for people of all ages to be trained in the culture of peace.

Active Citizenship

With Active Citizenship we mean the process of participation of individuals and groups in the
civic life of their community by becoming responsible for their actions for the care and for the
development of society, based on the recognition and safeguard of their own and others’
needs, rights and duties. That is why we commit ourselves to daily train active citizens.

Sustainable community development

Sustainable community development refers to the process of economic and cultural growth of the society in respect of the environment and future generations.
That is why we work in contact with different communities at the local and international level, promoting this process.

Technological innovation

Technological innovation is a process of growth that sees new technology as the main protagonist. For this reason, CEIPES is constantly evolving and seeking to apply new technologies to the various areas of intervention of the organization and its network, believing that these can have an important social impact, producing lasting changes in relationships, behaviors of people and ways of living in society.

Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment is a process of growth that young people take from a personal point of view (with the improvement of self-esteem and self-confidence, for example) that will enable them to become aware of their abilities and at the same time to be active and responsible citizens within their communities.

Social Inclusion

By social inclusion is meant the process that allows each individual to feel part of the community in spite of diversity, which becomes a value and not a disadvantage. An inclusive society, based on mutual respect, guarantees equal working opportunities, while maintaining a decent standard of living for each person.
One of our fundamental goals is to promote social inclusion at different levels.



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CEIPES Network

CEIPES Network is made of people who leads in their countries an antenna of CEIPES.
The Network is also open to organizations that share the same mission and values even though they are not called CEIPES.


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