Annacati – Sport all’IPM Malaspina

Project Number: 97344620824
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Financial Program: Sport di tutti

The general objective of this project is to improve the psycho-physical well-being of detained minors, increasing the sporting and training offer within the prison through an implementation program of sporting activities which will be entrusted to qualified technicians and coaches.

Specific objectives:

  • Remove physical and cultural barriers that prevent young people from going out from prison to participate in sporting activities
  • Awaken and disseminate the values ​​of sport among young people living in prisons and reduce the risk of crime by offering them an alternative to violence and to loneliness;
  • Equip young people with fewer opportunities with good knowledge and skills to make the best use of sport;
  • Use sport as a tool for dialogue, management of important Europeans values through sports participation, such as gender balance, loyal cooperation and social acceptance.

Sports and educational activities for 6 hours a week for a total duration of 18 months.

  • Social football, offball, swimming and athletic training
  • Non-formal education activities

Inclusion of an ex-prisoner for an extracurricular internship for a duration of 8 monthat the Sport&DEV Sports Authority.

Thanks to the work of educators and coaches, the values ​​of solidarity and sharing will be emphasized and young prisoners will experience and deal with the importance of being part of a team, regardless of their cultural or social background.


The project is expected to generate a direct impact on all participating beneficiaries during and after its duration and produce a resonant effect on external organisations  at local and regional level.

The most important and immediate impact is to create a foundation to promote mutual dialogue while stimulating a healthy lifestyle through physical activity. Since through the program the young prisoners will benefit from

a regular training program, and knowledge about benefits of sport and specific exercise techniques, this will certainly constitute a lasting basis for a healthy lifestyle of the participants even outside of detention facility.

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