On Sunday 29th September at 10.00 am took place in Piana degli Albanesi’s Lake, a promotional day about the adoption of healthy lifestyles through sport with the inclusion of mild physical activity in contact with nature in cancer patients and LILT users.

The event, which involved about 40 people, was organized by CEIPES, University of Palermo, and LILT Palermo and took place during the European Sport Week and was implemented as part of the “OAC – Outdoor Against Cancer ” project, begun in January 2019, thanks to the Erasmus+ Sport program. The main goal of the project is to stimulate the outdoor sports activities, that is to say, all those activities that take place outdoors, and in contact with nature, involving oncological patients in recovery and in LILT users who adopt good cancer prevention practices.

Through OAC we want to recommend people that outdoor activities are important within the healing path, expecially with regard to physical and mental well-being.

During the day, the LILT Provincial Section of Palermo informed the participants about the beginning of the annual appointment with the “Campagna Nastro Rosa (Pink Ribbon Campaign), for the dissemination of cancer prevention through regular specialist visits and instrumental exams such as mammography and breast ultrasound.

A day dedicated to the discovery of the naturalistic landscape of Piana degli Albanesi’s Lake, followed by many physical activities with the participation of expert trainers from the University of Palermo who followed the participants in muscle awakening and various sports activities. During this pleasant day in late summer, a packed lunch held inside the equipped area, enriched by the presence of the famous “cannolo” of Piana degli Albanesi, a typical dessert that participants brought home as a souvenir.

For further information, please follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts and visit the project’s web page.

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