Cookies with CEIPES – A day to discover our daily activities!

CEIPES joined the initiative promoted by “Libera Palermo contro le mafie” last week, organized and supported by other associations of the municipality of Palermo with events dedicated to the assets confiscated from the mafia and it opened the RISELAB center to two groups of local students from the Linguistic High School “Ninni Cassarà” and from the evening school course of the “Marco Polo” Institute on Friday 17th december.   

The day of Friday 17, “Cookies with CEIPES”, was structured as a story of the RISELAB center, the operational office of our association, from confiscation to redevelopment, showing the different educational and cultural spaces inside the offices, through a path of laboratories – managed by Ceipes project managers – with different themes and in accordance with the projects that the center is developing in these years. 

The first meeting of the morning was the Multiplier Event of the Erasmus+ project “IoToAI – Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence (A VET for business in the digital era)”. An opportunity for CEIPES to show the excellent results obtained after two years of activity of a project that aims to improve the digitization of workers and students, especially in VET schools (vocational education and training institutes). 

The creative writing workshop of Radio Theatre was a moment full of creativity for the young people of the III O of the Linguistic High School “Ninni Cassarà”. The course began with a series of writing and theatrical improvisation exercises to stimulate the emotions, expressiveness and verbal and non-verbal communication of young people. All preparatory activities to produce the main core of the project: the exercise related to the drafting of a quarantine story that will soon be staged and recorded in the form of a podcast by the students themselves. 

The escape room “Exodus to space” was tested by the team of the project “Escape Racism – Toolbox to promote inclusive communities” (which aims to raise awareness on the issue of discrimination and racism using playful activities associated with moments of reflection) and by 8 young students of the evening school of the “Marco Polo” Institute. The participants – divided into two groups – showed great interest in the theme of inclusion and, with determination and teamwork, they managed to solve all the puzzles and find the “way out”. The feedback at the end of the game was positive and it emerged that the participating boys perfectly perceived the “moral” of the game, that is, the difficulties that many people face in entering foreign countries of which they are not originally from. 

Instead, the theme of volunteering was addressed with the meeting related to the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) and Artambiente. An initial brainstorming with the participants focused on personal growth, change and solidarity meant that, during the meeting, the students knew more about the world of volunteering. The European Commission has been promoting youth volunteering for years to support the values of the Union, civic sense, inclusion and sustainability. The young participants in the workshop expressed interesting ideas on how to improve the community of which they are part. 

On the occasion of the week of Sports Psychology, some of the students hosted were able to participate in a workshop on talent, sharing their opinion on the very concept of talent, in sports but not only. From the meeting it emerged how fundamental physical gifts and potential are, but at the same time all the students also agreed on the importance of sacrifice, dedication, perseverance and resilience. The different key figures and the numerous contextual elements that can support a young athlete during the development of his career have also been identified, with a participatory and dialogical approach. To better understand the importance of soft skills (such as effective communication, leadership and team working) in sport, the students tried their hand at the game of the “human knot”. 

All the workshops were very successful and were interesting and engaging for all the participants, also giving to the CEIPES team a morning of sharing and excellent activities that will surely be repeated. 

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