FUTURE ++ – The partners met for the first time in Barcelona

On the 19 and 20 of April, partners met in Barcelona to discuss the progress of the Sport and Social Inclusion: Future for Children project and the implementation of all the activities.

This first meeting in face-to-face mode laid the foundations for getting all the organisations to know each other and to strengthen their network.

The main goal of Future ++ project is to develop a European-based coach education program for youth sport and to provide a realistic strategy for social inclusion through physical activity.

During the 2 days of meeting all partners had the possibility to briefly present the results of WP2 “Research cycle” led by TUM. Furthermore, INEFEC introduced the first activities of WP3 “A European-based Coach Programme”. The Future ++ consortium is indeed currently working on the creation of a network of coaches to foster social inclusion through sport. An online learning center and a manual for a coach training program will be the main deliverables of this work package.

The partners also visited the La Mina district of Barcelona, one of the most problematic in the city, and known closely two sports realities that since the 2000s actively struggle to provide better life opportunities to young people through the practice of sports: the wrestling club La Mina and the La Mina Gymnastics Club.

The Barca Foundation hosted in its facilities the second day of meeting, presenting some activities and projects carried out in the field of social inclusion and prevention of violence in sports contexts.

Finally, all the partners of the consortium, have made a wonderful tour of the Camp Nou stadium of Barcelona.

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