On November 20th and 21ST 2019, our team went to Ayidin (Turkey) for the final Transnational Meeting of the “BIG CEFA – Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Women Administrators” project.

The project, financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult Education, aims at decreasing gender discrimination in public and private working places in administration and education field, in order to overcome stereotypes and prejudices about female administrators and to make them achieve the same career opportunities of men. Main aim of the project is to break the “glass ceiling” that impedes women to fulfill their professional path.

The first day of meeting was dedicated to the general evaluation of the past four months of project activities, to the evaluation of the tasks distributed during the kick-off meeting of the project and implemented over the two years project and to the dissemination activities carried out.

The following day partners also discussed about the final results of the Intellectual Outputs produced, i.e. the State of the art and report Analysis in each partner countries about the “Glass Ceiling”, the Training and Mentorship training to women administrator and about technical and financial documentation useful to produce the final report of the project.

On the 22nd November the multiplier event of the project also took place at the Lion Park hotel in Aydin. The event sought the participation of more than 150 people between private and public organisations. Project results were presented to the public in order to best disseminate the project among target group and general public.

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