ENFEM –  Let’s get started!

On the 17th and 18th of February 2022, the kick-off meeting of our brand-new project ENFEM – Female TCNs Integration in Local Communities through Employability and Entrepreneurship Local Oriented Strategies, took place in Porto (Portugal), hometown of the project’s coordinator ISCAP.

The meeting was held in a blended way: most partners attended in presence, while some others decided to attend online due to difficulties to travel abroad since the persistence of Covid restrictions. It was organised and managed in an excellent and productive way thank to the great organisation of the coordinator of the project and the cooperation of all partners.

During the meeting, the different work packages, activities, objectives and target groups were presented, along with the first results coming from the desk research developed in the frame of the Work Package 1.

The project ENFEM aims at providing opportunities for the development of local multi-stakeholders’ networks, in the 10 partner countries, composed of local authorities, market actors, NGOs, TNCs based and female/gender-based organizations.

The project will provide training opportunities to migrant women in the fields of language learning, working rights and entrepreneurship skills, while at the same time it will engage in awareness raising among local actors and citizens about the substantial benefits and positive impact of removing existing barriers to the inclusion of migrant women in the labour market.

The consortium will implement the activities foreseen by three different Work Packages (WP2: Needs-Oriented, Bottom-Up Local Integration Strategies; WP3: Training Package – training, communication, and network digital environment; WP4: Implementation of the ENFEM Training Package) adopting a pan-European approach that transcends borders, combining national perspectives.

All these elements were discussed during the meeting, and a targeted division of work has been done.

The consortium will meet again – virtually – in April to monitor the progress made and define next steps.

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