Project name and type: “Words Matter 3”, Youth Exchange

Date and location: From 1 al 9 luglio 2021,  Ecoloc Barret-sur-Meouge

Main organization: Hors Pistes

Partner organizations: CEIPES (Italia)

Financed by: European Commission, Erasmus + Program -Ka1

 Non-violent & non-verbal communication

On the first of July five Italians, seven Romanians and seven French met in Barret sur Meouge ready to become a big group and spend the following eight days together surrounded by the nature of French Alps far away from the stress of the city and technology.

The first activities that we made were more about team building and getting to know each other, later we focused on the topic that was methods of non-violent (and non-verbal) communication for those we made workshops and activities organised by the trainers like practising active listening, debates, how to be more emphatic in a discussion and also trust activities such as being guided by someone while being blindfolded or making yourself fall knowing that someone would catch you before touching the ground.

We also had the possibility as national groups to propose our workshop inherent in the topic of the communication, for example the Italian group one was about non-verbal communication and consisted in drawing/painting the emotions felt in those days so expressing something only byshapes, colours and lines, the results were super interesting and fun to analyse. 

The environment that has been created was for sure enjoyable and fun, our cultural differences, and not, were the start for good discussions during the activities and in the free time, we shared our opinions without being afraid of judgements and that helped us to grow and develop a new point of view. We also spent the free time discovering the little village that was hosting us like the chapel on top of the hill or the river down the street and in general the nature that was the main character there. 

At the end of the youth exchange we were a thigh and cooperative group,respectful and able to take care of each other. We brought back home beautiful moments and amazing memories that we will remember for longtime, good friendship, a more open mind and the knowledge and skills developed about the topic and about living together that are super important for everyone’s life.