April was the last month of activities for the project “SPOTI – Putting the unheard gender in spotlight “ n. 2019-1-DE02-KA204-006446. The project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices has been carried out by a great partnership coordinated by the P4Q association (Germany) and made up of the following associations that worked together with CEIPES: Socio – cultural organization Sfantul loan Botezatorul Berbesti (Romania), PUZZLE Social enterprise (Greece), WSBINOZ Higher educational centre (Poland), SSF – Solidaridad Sin Fronteras (Spain), Gebze public educational centre (Turkey), ISSSP – “Ensino Superior” educational cooperative for social service (Portugal).

The project started in November 2019 and the partnership had the opportunity to meet face to face in January 2020 in Athens during the kick-off meeting. Unfortunately, that was the first and last occasion to meet in presence because of the outbreak of the pandemic due to Covid 19. Despite the difficulties the consortium managed in a very excellent way to carry out the activities of the project organising monthly meetings keeping the network very united during the whole duration of the project.

The main aim of the project was to deepen the role of men in gender issues, exploring the best practices in the different countries involved in the project. The most important activities to share and exchange the good practices among the partners were the Learning Teaching Training activities and the webinars organised by the partners.
During those activities representatives of external associations that represented the good practices had the opportunity to explain their work to the consortium creating moments for debating and understanding on how they work involving more men in their social activities.

The consortium experienced different moments of discussion about the role of men in gender issues, using online tools to create interactive brainstorming and workshops during which the topic was very deeply explored. Among the most important points of discussion: to fight gender stereotypes linked to the cultural background of belonging; to focus on masculinity that brings toxicity to a healthy relationship between man and women.

Very enriching experiences characterised the activities of SPOTI project and thanks to the very positive collaboration, the partnership will consider new and future occasions to work together exploring in a deeper way the topic of men in gender issues.