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The “Positive Parenting” project (2020-1-RO01-KA204-079951), co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme, has seen the international collaboration of organizations experts in the ASD field.

Their expertise produced 5 results, which are all converged in the last one: The E-learning platform.

After the P+ App, the online platform is the second digital tool developed by the partnership, to involve more learners through the interactivity. According to the main project goal to create specific tools for the two target groups of adult trainers and of parents/families with kids with ASD, the Consortium created training material based on the specific addressed target groups. In fact, the platform structure, developed by CEIPES, is divided in roles: trainers and parents, which can only access the material created for each group, which is divided according to the previous project results: the curriculum, the trainer manual and the parent’s guide. After every module, it’s expected a test to monitor the learning and check the difference between the course beginning and end.

Besides, the platform is composed of accessibly tools, through which increase and decrease the text, change the layout, read the text or correct it during the writing time, like in the forum or chat sections. In fact, these are tools through which users can communicate each other. It meets one E-learning platform goal: to connect parents and adult trainers from Europe, giving the chance to confront each other, to share their experiences and to support each other.

The other objectives for which the platform has been developed are:

  • The promotion of families’/caregivers’ self-confidence
  • More chances to reach positive results through the strategies implementation
  • Increasement of knowledge and skills transferability
  • Families’ empowerment and improvement of their quality life
  • A greater well-being of kids with ASD and of their families

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