Discover the guidebook for parents of kids with ASD

Positive Parenting: an autism parent training to address children problem behaviour and teach them socially important skills” (2020-1-RO01-KA204-079951) is a KA2 Erasmus+ project born in 2020 through the collaboration of 6 associations experts in education and in ASD. Before the start of the project, it has been conducted preliminary research to analyse the needs in this field. What emerged is the international urgency to train and support caregivers, parents and families of kids with ASD on the ABA strategy. That’s why the Consortium worked hard to meet this need, by the development of tools for adult trainers and for families with a kid with ASD, following a path. This latter started from the realization of a theoretical ABA curriculum, followed by a manual to train parents and caregivers of children with ASD.

Read more about the curriculum and the trainer manual.

The parent’s guide is the third project result, realized according to the previous ones. All of them, as the guidebook is, are based on the main ABA strategies, among which reinforcement, self-help and social skills development, management of challenging behavior, token economy and functional communication. Relating to these topics, there are explanations, tips, games, recommended activities, tools and checklist to use. 

For example, inside the guide it’s possible find suggested items address daily life challenges, like tools to use to calm the kid during a meltdown, such as the sensorial toolkit. Or it’s possible discover how create a calming corner or adapt the kid’s bedroom. Or again, suggested schedules to create a routine, to teach hygiene or social stories to promote the children’s social skills.

The parent’s guide, as all the material produced, is available in English, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Romanian, Greek and Macedonian. You can find the English and Italian guidebook on the CEIPES portfolio.

These and all languages, are also available in the project website and in the E-learning platform.

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