The manual for adult trainers

The trainer manual of the KA2 Erasmus+ project “Positive Parenting: An autism parent training to address children problem behaviour and teach them socially important skills” (2020-1-RO01-KA204-079951) is finalized and translated into the national languages of the countries partner of the project: Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, North Macedonia, Spain and Cyprus.

The tool is the second result after the theoretical curriculum, the foundation of the next ones (click here to discover more). Both are tools created for adult trainers aiming to teach the ABA strategy mechanisms to parents/caregivers of kids with ASD.

Particularly, the trainer manual contains theoretical lessons and practical exercises, with useful tips related to the implementation of the learning activities. It has also been tested on the target group, to have feedback, to check its quality and make necessary changes. In fact, trainers coming from the 6 countries of the consortium had the chance to attend the learning teaching training activity of the project. Five days of training in Brno (Czech Republic), in which besides the learning of theoretical constructs associated to practice, participants shared perspectives and point of views with international colleagues.

Some of the activities of the training and of the manual are related to:

  • The use of reinforcement
  • The emotional regulation
  • How manage difficult situations with the use of calming methods
  • Games to stimulate the kids’ skills, like puppet theater and music Interpretation
  • The token economy strategy

You can access the trainer manual and know more about what there’s inside on:

Discover more also on the Facebook project page!

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