Project name: Art of our rights

Duration: 12 months, from Jan 2019 – Dec 2019

Coordinator: CEIPES (Italy)

Project number: 5014.WP.2019

Financed by: European Youth Foundation (EYF) of Council of Europe (COE), through the Work Plan Program

“Art of our rights” is a strategic workplan which will involve youth leaders and youth workers from different countries and organisations and be applied at a local level in their host countries. The main goal is to promote the use of art in youth work while applying human rights education and sharing these differing approaches amongst those involved to increase positive outcomes.

Main objectives of the workplan:

  1. Develop the competences of young artists in Human Rights Education (HRE)
  2. Increase the number of young people engaged in HRE at local level
  3. Improve the quality of youth work through strengthened cooperation with the creative and cultural sector
  4. Promote the sharing of good practices among actors on the use of art as an HRE tool in youth work

This workplan lasts the year of 2019 and within this there are 3 different phases:

Phase 1 “My Art and Your Rights” – an international training course of young artists will be hosted in Palermo, Italy (CEIPES) from the 25th of March until the 31st. This activity will involve 20 young artists from 10 countries (75% of them under 30) where there will be space to share and apply practices related to their artistic activities, in relation to expressing and transferring human rights. The artists will also be going through a basic introduction to the nonformal educational methodology, based on the learning by doing concept. They will be facilitated to find new ways to share human rights through art, and specifically, they will be supported to find a way to provide HRE to children and youth through their art. As a result of the training course, the artists will have increased competences in nonformal education and HRE. The artists will then be prepared and supported to valorise their activities identified in the next activity of the workplan.

Phase 2 “(He)Art in Our Lives” – the artists will implement the HRE approach to youth work activities in their local communities by using their new knowledge, and experiences, from the training course. This will take place in the months from April to September 2019, with a minimum requirement of 20 hours to be spent with the youth work activities. The participants of the first phase, together with the youth NGOs of the CEIPES Network and outside, will plan, design and implement local HRE activities targeting children and youth through the form of art. The parties will support each other in all aspects and the CEIPES Network NGOs, and other partners, will be responsible for keeping record and documentation of the implementation of these activities. The expected outcome of this phase is that more young people engage in HRE activities at a local level and the quality of youth work is increased through the fostered cooperation with the cultural-creative sector.

Phase 3 “(Em)Powered by Art” – A seminar for the youth workers involved in the workplan, and other educators, will be held in Yerevan, Armenia (CEIPES) between 24th and 28th of October 2019. The objective of this activity is to promote the sharing of good practices on the use of art as an HRE tool in youth work. Youth workers of the Network NGOs will share the results from the previous phases and present the good practices that have been taking place in their NGOs as part of the local HRE artistic activities. Various project planning and follow up sessions will be facilitated for the transfer and multiplication of these activities among the Network and outside. By sharing knowledge and experiences all parties involved will learn and progress further from one another as well as through their own involvement.

This strategic workplan will have both a rewarding and positive effect for all people involved. By using an artistic approach it will allow both the youth leaders and the receiving youths the opportunity to express themselves through creativity. Furthermore, participants will gain knowledge on human rights education and how to apply this in their local communities through art.

To apply to be one of the participants to the 1st activity: