Project name: “Diversity Management and Inclusive Employment for ethnic minorities and migrants in SMEs and NGOs”

Acronym of the Project: DIME

Proposal number: 963161

Duration: 24 months

Coordinator: SDRUDZENIE ZNAM I MOGA – Know and Can Association – Bulgaria

Financed by: REC – Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme

Partners: Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell’educazione e lo sviluppo (CEIPES – Italy); HELSINKI BUSINESS COLLEGE OY (Finland); MIR AKADEMIEN AB (Sweden).

On the 17th of November 2020, the kick-off meeting (KOM) of the new project DIME took place online. Unfortunately, it is not possible to travel and meet each other in presence, but this new start demonstrates how it is important, in this delicate moment, to collaborate and work harder than before.

DIME – Diversity Management and Inclusive Employment for ethnic minorities and migrants in SMEs and NGOs – is financed by REC programme – Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme. DIME is inspired by the willingness to promote ethnic inclusion in host countries’ workplaces.

The general aim of the project is to support social and economic integration of migrants and ethnic minorities via awareness-raising and training of employers at SMEs and NGOs.

The online meeting was incredibly fruitful.

After the presentation of each organization, the coordinator of the project (K&C) presented the work packages and the financial issues of the project.

Next steps that will follow this online meeting foresee a to ensure the stakeholders ́ engagement and network setting up. Every partner in each country will get in contact with relevant local associations/organisations of SMEs and NGOs in order to establish local networks which will be the basis for their involvement in the fieldwork, development and training activities of this project.

Later, we will implement a fieldwork to develop an analysis report in order to collect information on existing obstacles and good practices in relation to diversity management and inclusion at the workplace with focus on ethnicity.

This would be possible thanks to a questionnaire that every organisation of the project will spread locally.

CEIPES presented the dissemination strategy that the Consortium will use during these two years. In this occasion, the Consortium decided the final and definitive logo of the project. The symbolism is really impressive: it represents a world that means inclusiveness, the main aim of the project. This world is divided in different pieces as if to say that we want to include in our countries without deleting any cultural aspect.

We are ready to organise the first activities in the next days. 

CEIPES is very glad to be part of this project that involves 4 different countries – Italy, Bulgaria, Finland and Sweden – one organization, one association, one university and one academia. The Consortium demonstrates to be very active and open-minded regarding the topic.

CEIPES is very excited to start this new adventure, hoping that sooner or later we can meet each other in person. It will be a big day!

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