INCLUSIVE BREAK – The interactive project handbook

In the quest to promote inclusion in school, the Erasmus+ “Inclusive Break” project (number 2021-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000032638) has emerged. Its main objective is to turn the school break into a shared learning space that fosters the inclusion of all students, seeking to improve the quality of school time, foster acceptance, address students’ needs, promote their integration and raise awareness of their challenges. 

The main output of the “Inclusive Break” project is an interactive handbook, the development of which first involved a research analysis examining school breaks as educational spaces and their physical, psychological and social benefits, with a particular focus on students with fewer opportunities. Once the needs were identified, the project moved on to the development phase. The consortium responsible for the project has designed a methodology consisting of 31 workshops specially adapted for school breaks who have subsequently tested. Each workshop is described in detail by means of work diagrams accompanied by video tutorials. This step-by-step approach allows educators to easily implement the workshops and promote inclusive activities during school breaks. Every workshop implementation has been recorded during its testing phase, to become audiovisual resources explaining how activities work and how it’s possible to adapt them. Therefore, CEIPES and the consortium developed video tutorials available through the project website, the YouTube channel and the handbook.  

To support educators in applying the methodology in their own contexts, the handbook provides recommendations and considerations. These ideas enable educators to adapt the approach to their specific school environment, ensuring its successful implementation and impact on student inclusion. 

The “Inclusive Break” project represents a significant step towards creating an educational environment in which every student feels valued, supported and included. Through the use of the interactive handbook, educators and teachers can create lasting positive change in their schools, fostering a culture of inclusion that extends well beyond recess and into the fabric of their educational communities. 

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To find out more about the project visit the project website, the Instagram and Facebook pages.

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