INCLUSIVE BREAK – Audiovisual material for the Inclusion

The Consortium of Inclusive Break project has achieved a significant milestone with the completion of the resources recording phase, which involved creating video tutorials of workshops implemented in schools across Italy, Romania, and Spain. 

The process began with recording the workshops themselves, followed by the creation of voice-overs and subtitles in English and the national languages of the participating countries. Inclusion has been a key goal of the project, and the videos’ availability to a wider audience is an essential step in realizing this objective. 

The videos aim to facilitate interactive learning on promoting equality and inclusion, providing teachers and educators with a better understanding of the workshops’ implementation and potential dynamics. They are accessible through the project’s YouTube channel and website.  

The project team is also providing updates and progress reports on the Facebook and Instagram pages, promoting stakeholder engagement and a sense of community. 

The completion of the resources recording phase is an important stride towards the Consortium’s overall objectives of social and cultural change through promoting equality and inclusion in schools and other settings. The availability of videos and supplementary materials will support this mission, as well as done by the investigation on the break benefits.  

As the next step, the consortium is finalizing the final handbook in which is included the innovative methodology. Besides, they will meet again in Spain for the last time, attending and leading together the final conference to spread the project results. Further local events will be organized in Italy and Romania. In Palermo, the event will take place on 5 July at 11:00 in the Maredolce school (a partner of the project). 

Take a look on the Facebook event here and register your participation on this form.

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