The research on the social, emotional and physical benefits of the break as an educational space 

The investigation on the school break as learning space, carried out through the KA2 Erasmus+ “Inclusive Break” project (2021-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000032638), has been finalized by its Consortium and its expertise. In fact, the partnership is composed of schools, as well as of associations experts in the educational field and in the non-formal training one.  

This research is the first part of the handbook which will be developed through the project, including workshops and interactive tools. In fact, the project aims to create training material usable during the school recess, especially in primary and secondary school levels. The purpose is the promotion of inclusion and equality among students, fighting discrimination and bullying, as it’s well known that the school can be a place of discomfort and how this can influence the person development and the various life contexts.  

This first activity aimed to investigate the bases and positive outcomes of the main principle of the project, addressing various topics such as: 

  • The actual dynamics present in the school recess context, among which the socio-psychological implications 
  • The mechanism of the Labelling theory and the Self-fulfilling prophecy 
  • The role of adults and how they can act 

This tool can raise awareness to teachers and workers in educational fields, as well as to allows them to have a theoretical foundation and a specific perspective on the topic. In fact, the school is often view like a productive place in which carry out just formal and productive activities. The break can be seen as a way to waste time or which must be short to keep working. As seen in the investigation, instead, have breaks can help students and adults to have a more active brain, a greater motivation and more creativity. 

The research is available here, on the project web site and on the CEIPES portfolio. 

Now, the Consortium is working on the practical part, testing the designed workshops during these months, so stay tuned following the project Facebook and Instagram pages! 

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