Between 25 and 26 February 2020, the fifth Transnational Meeting of the Use or lose project took place in Sofia (Bulgaria).

The main aim of the project is to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s and thus encourage prevention.

The partners met to discuss the latest measures regarding the two manuals envisaged as project outputs: a guide for Alzheimer’s patients, and a guide for relatives who are dedicated to the care of these people (caregivers).

The guides also contain activities aimed at improving patients’ memory and cognitive activities.
Specifically, the chapters focus on the following topics: symptoms and stages of dementia, burnout syndrome, prevention of dementia, recommendations for both target groups, stereotypes to be fought, different therapeutic activities that can be taken as a starting point and much more.
As regards the manual for relatives of Alzheimer’s patients, CEIPES was responsible for drafting the chapter on burnout of caregivers specifying the symptoms, causes, prevention and management.

As for the manual for patients instead, CEIPES has drafted the chapter relating to recommendations to prevent or slow dementia specifying information related to physical activity, balanced diet, sleep quality, etc., but at the same time adopting a language simple and intuitive congenial to the target group.

The final conference, where the manuals will be officially presented, will take place in Turkey, hosted by the project coordinator, in April 2020.

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