The project Disemex is going on, thanks to the contribution of CEIPES and all the other partners.

The aim of this project is to promote a carry out an exchange of good practices in the field of people with disability work engagement.

Indeed , on 27th an 28th November 2018, it took place the II Transnational Meeting of the project, that was hosted by the Romanian partner ACTA Centre in Oradea.

The project, fund by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program (ka2, strategic partnership for the exchange of good practices in field of adult education), is carried out by a consortium composed by 9 partners: INTAMT Group from Germany (the project coordinator), CEIPES from Italy, ACTA centre from Romania, 36,6 Competence Centre from Scotland – United Kingdom, 36,6 Competence Centre from Poland, OZARA d.o.o. from Slovenia, Bulgarian Development Agency from Bulgaria, Governorship of İzmir and Engelsiz Toplum Oluşturma Derneği (ETOD) from Turkey.

During the meeting in Oradea the partners didn’t only talk about the project activities, but they also have visited some of the local good practices promoted by ACTA centre.

Indeed the partners has first visited the association Alsterforf that is an important centre for fostering the access of people with mental disability to the labor market.

The day after the partners have visited the beautiful farm that belong to the association Actiunea Felix from 30 years engaged for the education and the caregiving to children abandoned by their parents.

In the following months all the partners will select some of the best example of their city, in field of work engagement of people with disability, that will take part of a final European guide to the best practices, that will be promoted around Europe.



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