The activities of Escape Racism project are still in progress! According to the project timeline, in May the partners should have been met in Turin to carry out the training activity in Eufemia Association offices. The unexpected Covid pandemic obliged the partners to change their plans. During the periodic online meetings they did during the lockdown period to organise the general work, mostly focused on the creation of the theoretical part of the training kit for young educators (IO1), an online training has been proposed to start a virtual preparation, while waiting to be able to carry out the face to face teaching activity, once it will be possible to travel around Europe.

Eufemia association, the project partner with extensive experience in educational edutainment and escape rooms, welcomed this proposal. The aim is to provide the whole partnership the theoretical basis for the realization of this innovative educational tool.

On the 16th June, the activities started. Eufemia team organised 4 online training sessions focusing on different aspects:

  • Target groups and goals identification
  • Storytelling
  • Games and puzzles
  • Test

Among the main objectives:

Reinforce the theoretical knowledge about educational escape rooms
Try to build a prototype following the Escape4Change methodology
Prepare useful material for the discussion in the next non-more-virtual meeting

The training will help the partner association to well define the target groups to address with the escape rooms and to have a clear goal, that is important to create a valuable product.

The choice of the story behind the game is essential to create a tool for educational purposes. During the training activities the partnership realised why it is important to create a “generative story” with a specific game language and a mental model in players’ heads.
The ability of the educator will be in putting together in harmony all these parts: target groups, goals, stories to make people having fun while learning or reflecting on some important issues, like racism and discrimination.

It will be a challenge for the entire partnership, but we are sure everybody will be able to reach this goal!

Watch the short video of the training following this link:

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