E-Crafts: Learning Teaching and Training Activities – Artistic Residence

From 22 to 26 November, the LTTA – Learning Teaching and Training Activities of the E-Crafts project took place, in the form of an Artistic Residence, in the fantastic panorama of the city of Porto in Portugal.

It was a key moment for the project, combining the environmental, cultural and social aspects of the Upcycling workshops. The main added value was the fruitful and continuous exchange between the craftsmen and craftswomen from Spain, Portugal and Italy, who had the opportunity to meet and share their backgrounds, ideas and ways of expressing themselves for 5 days. In a multicultural context, the participants learned new upcycling techniques and got involved, not only on a practical level, but also on a theoretical one. Indeed, during the training, there were moments dedicated to 4 specific thematic sessions concerning: environmental care, inclusion, cultural heritage and pedagogy.

Each day, 4 workshops were organised, facilitated by the craftsmen and craftswomen who had developed a specific upcycling technique, in order to transmit the knowledge to those present and to test its feasibility. The workshops were subdivided according to the material used and carried out simultaneously: from hand and machine sewing techniques to treating wood with lacquè and decapè techniques; from cutting glass to modeling plastic; from carving cork to using the macrame technique.

Creativity and manual skills, art and culture, care for the environment and the exchange of knowledge to acquire new skills, this is what characterised the Artistic Residence, where materials that we use every day found new life thanks to the skills of the craftsmen and craftswomen present and the excellent organisation of the coordinating partner. The event turned out to be a success, a moment of inspiration for future project activities.

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