E-CRAFTS – Welcome to Palermo Arts and Crafts world

They say Sicilian culture is about (re)using every piece of a process that makes an output.

There are not waste parts, from food to fashion, from agriculture to arts and crafts. In E-Crafts project (2020-1-PT01-KA227-ADU-094892), this is a crucial component: the ability and the vision of upcycling what in other processes is considered waste. The 3rd meeting has been held in Palermo, where the consortium met to check the progress of the workshop testing phase and relatively outcome. Furthermore, the coordinator Rosto Solidario and the co-partners – CEIPES, ASPAYM – discussed about the state of art of the overall work, focusing on concluding the 1st intellectual output, proceeding with the 2nd intellectual output – a web platform with educational video tutorials – and check the ‘Sustainability Plan’ progress. 

As regard as the testing phase, the results coming from users’ evaluation, direct observation, and interviews, revealed general positive feedback to the point that partners had to rearrange more the one date in some cases because full booked. Few workshops are left to be tested in September, and one of the most positive data tells us that the social (and inclusion) aspect of these activities is perceived as one of the strongest motivations that led to positive user’s feedback. With concern to the platform and the video toolkit, CEIPES oversees the activities of recording the material and editing the format. The first pilot video tutorial collected good feedback also from the partners that agreed on which modifications were needed and what was already good to go.

The last day was dedicated to IO3, the Sustainability Plan. Overall, most effort was focused on how show the results analysis and the relative discussion that leads to the final considerations and indications on how keep alive and sustainable the project by the organisations and the users themselves.

A final update on the dissemination activities was presented by CEIPES to check the online status of the channels and give indications to the partners.

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