The “DISEMEX” project is going on!

On 28th and 29th of March 2019, the 4^Transnational meeting took place.

The project, fund by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program (ka2, strategic partnership for the exchange of good practices in field of adult education), is carried out by a consortium composed by 9 partners: INTAMT Group from Germany (the project coordinator), CEIPES from Italy, ACTA centre from Romania, 36,6 Competence Centre from Scotland – United Kingdom, 36,6 Competence Centre from Poland, OZARA d.o.o. from Slovenia, Bulgarian Development Agency from Bulgaria, Governorship of İzmir and Engelsiz Toplum Oluşturma Derneği (ETOD) from Turkey.

The aim of this project is to promote an exchange of good practices in the field of people with disability in the labor market.

During the meeting in Izmir, we had the chance to know and share some of the good practices with the local environment.

Many companies engage themselves to this cause.

The electronic company VESTEL is an example, with years of experience in particular in the field of recruitment of deaf people.

Not least the telephone company “TURKCELL” and the fashion company “HUGO BOSS”, with a big centre in Izmir, both with great success and with good practices for the recruitment of new employees with different types of disabilities.

We believe that the experience was particularly interesting and successful. The meetings lived in these days will be a good input for the final report of this project that will contain some of the best practices in Europe.

For further information you can follow the web site of the project at this link:

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