On the 10th of May 2021, the first meeting of DEFAULT “Digital Entrepreneurship For Adult Youth” project (project number: 2020-1-LI01-KA204-000192) took place online due to COVID-19 restrictions. The project will last 24 months from 30/12/2020 to 29/12/2022.

DEFAULT project is funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme, KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education and it involve 8 partners from different countries: Capital Youth Association (CYA) e.V (Liechtenstein), INSTITOYTO KOINONIKIS KAINOTOMIAS KAI SYNOXIS (Greece), CENTRO INTERNAZIONALE PER LA PROMOZIONE DELL’EDUCAZIONE E LO SVILUPPO ASSOCIAZIONE (Italy), SBTC DANISMANLIK (Turkey), CYPRUS ORGANIZATION FOR SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION AND ACTIVE LEARNING (S.E.A.L CYPRUS) (Cyprus), Prios Kompetanse AS (Norway), Academy for International Science and Research (United Kingdom) and Stowarzyszenie Level UP (Poland).

The meeting was a great opportunity to meet the partners and learn about their expertise and for exchanging good practices regarding the implementation of the project.The day was set up according to a clear agenda, the overall project was presented by the coordinator in its activities and time schedule.

With DEFAULT we seek to SUPPORT adult youth creatives to get involved into on-line entrepreneurship by cultivating their knowledge and skills. As with any business, if success is to be achieved, the chances are greatly improved by research, planning and having the training necessary to develop a robust and pertinent business strategy.

From this main objective there are several specific outputs and products to develop during the implementation of the project:

• IO1 – An on-line entrepreneurship curriculum including a listing of training resources for youth
• IO2 – In-service training for youth workers to support their capacity building and up to date career development
• IO3 – An e-learning portal will be developed to support the delivery of, and access to, all learning material produced
• IO4 – A library of case studies that presents short insights into successful young on-line entrepreneurs throughout Europe will be provided tο demοnstrate the new business οppοrtunities and pοtential οf digital and sοcial media envirοnments
• IO5 – A pοlicy paper that will present the knowledge gained from the DEFAULT prοject tο stimulate the pοlicy debate at lοcal level in each οf the partner cοuntries

In the coming months our partners will set the KOM date and will be developing a bespoke on-line entrepreneurship curriculum that specifically focuses on building the knowledge, skills and competences necessary to support young people develop next generation on-line enterprises. The curriculum to be developed will help to raise awareness of new on-line business models and the opportunities that these new businesses present to young people today.

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