Project name: On the move. Experiential education for social inclusion Duration: 8 months, from 15-05-2018 to 14-01-2019 Coordinator: CEIPES (Italy) Partners: Active Youth Association (Lithuania), NGO “Non-formal education for young people” (Ukraine), PUBLIC UNIVERSITY OF YOUTH BELARUS NEW FACCE (Belarus), Georgian organization of the scout movement – Scouts of Georgia (Georgia), Votsis Youth in Action Club (Greece), CEIPESArmenia (Armenia), CEIPES TURKIYE (Turkey), Fundacja Instytut Aktywizacji i Rozwoju Spolecznego (Poland), Economeq (Romania), Financed by: ERASMUS + KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals Youth mobilty Project number: 2018-1-IT03-KA105-013490 On the move. Experiential education for social inclusion” project is a training course for youth workers, youth educators, organizations and institutions interested in professionalizing their work with youth at risk of exclusion and specializing it into outdoor education. The training will take place from 12th to 20th of September 2018 in Serra Guarnieri resort in the province of Palermo, including 22 participants plus the  staff from 10 partner countries: Italy, Belarus, Lithuania, Armenia, Romania, Greece, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland. During the training participants will develop and deepen their knowledge to support excluded youth in the development of leadership competencies and communication skills as well as teamwork, widening their comfort zone and learning a proactive and healthy attitude in the community and renewing the contact with nature. It has been proved the Outdoor education can be particularly effective when dealing with youth at risk of exclusion. Outdoor Education creates a context with strong and specific settings that are facilitating the learning process. It is a holistic approach, meaning that it requires involvement of learners’ whole BEING (physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual). The concept of Outdoor Education can be summarized in the following way:
  • Relationship with YOURSELF through meeting the challenge.
  • Relationship with OTHERS through group experiences and shared decision making.
  • Relationship with NATURAL ENVIRONMENT through direct experience.
Outdoor Education involves Challenge, Fun & Experience, which are the key elements that young people need in their learning process. Therefore, the more senses are used during the learning process , the bigger the possibility of learning will be deep. This is why we believe Outdoor Education is an efficient tool for learning, especially for people at risk of social exclusion, since it involves multiple senses in its process. Outdoor Education was developing by Kurt Hunt and Outward Bound over 80 years, one of theoretical base of OE is David Kolb’s cycle of experiential learning (Kolb 1984). The main goal of the project is to develop the competences of youth workers in the inclusion of socially excluded youngsters through outdoor and experiential education. The specific objectives are: – empower youth workers through knowledge and tools, practical training methods and coaching sessions for the inclusion of disadvantaged young people through outdoor education – increase the involvement of young people at risk of social exclusion through their involvement in youth projects and experiential learning – Create space for the exchange of experiences between partner organizations and expand the knowledge and application of methodologies for social inclusion through outdoor activities in Europe. An important element of the training will be internal and personal development, strengthening of self-confidence and space for personal reflections. The training will provide a guide, mostly based on infographics, with practical and helpful guidelines on the use of outdoor education methods and coaching in youth work. The participants in the training will use these guidelines to involve youth in outdoor activities at local level, particularly those ones socially excluded or at risk of exclusion. The project will also create a network of partner organizations interested in the application of outdoor education to youth work willing to further develop their skills in the field.
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