Project name: Artinsieme
Duration: 8 months
Lead body: CEIPES
Funded by: Commissione Europea – Angenzia Nazionale per i Giovani
Key Action: European Body Solidarity Program – Solidarity
Project number: 2018-1-IT03-ESC31-015141

The “Artinsieme” project will take place in Palermo and will last from May to December 2019. It is funded by the European Solidarity Corps program through the “Solidarity” call of the European Commission.

Artinsieme will propose different types of initiatives that will allow both young people from the area and adults from the intervention community to participate and take advantage of the opportunities offered. During the eight months provided, workshops and initiatives will be organise and a final event open to the whole city. The promoter group will propose several laboratories that use art as a means of comparison, understanding and dialogue, aimed at disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged groups of young people, to favor confrontation and knowledge of the other by themselves.

The workshops will focus on the following topics: cooperation and group work, intercultural dialogue, awareness of human rights. The different laboratories will use different arts such as: musical improvisation, photo lab, dance and movement, painting etc. In addition, initiatives will be proposed on the territory open to all citizens that use different types of art.

– Living library, with storytelling of particularly significant experiences of different kinds The Living Library is a real library with readers, librarians and a catalog of titles. Its specificity lies in the fact that books are people in the flesh who make themselves available to readers to tell about their lives – often characterized by experiences of minority and discrimination

– Meetings of migrant art in the suburbs. Arte Migrante (AM) organizes promotes the culture of social inclusion through artistic and cultural sharing meetings, regular and continuous at the Salesian oratory of Santa Chiara in the Ballarò district of Palermo and in many other places. AM arises from the need to tackle “discriminatory” and youthful marginalization dynamics among the participants in the activities of the associations, recognizing the art, as a universal language, and the methods of non-formal education to be generative tools and Effective to activate channels of listening and mutual understanding between young people, foreigners and natives, in a situation of social, cultural and economic disadvantage in Palermo.

– Artistic guerrilla: redevelopment of everyday spaces through creativity, leaving a message of acceptance of diversity to the city. Artistic guerrilla is a type of unconventional art that takes place in the streets to leave messages that can be read and observed by all, of particular visual, symbolic and imaginative impact.

– Thematic cineforum. Will be proposed screenings of films / documentaries normally little promoted at commercial level that concern particularly significant issues at a social level, such as discrimination, protection of human rights, migration. A final event is planned with the exhibition of illustrations / photographs in the space of the Rise – Lab of the various activities carried out and sharing of the results achieved, open to citizenship, schools and young artists.

Activities will be developed according to the approach and use of non-formal education methods and tools, especially cooperative learning and peer education, based on the principle that young people are not Only bearers of needs, but also of skills, able to understand each other closely and to mutually self-mobilize through processes of empathic connection.

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