“Official web radio of CEIPES – International Center for the Promotion of Education and Development will be broadcast soon, the project will be realized thanks to the National Agency for Youth with the avaible funds related to the “call for the realization of the network of digital radio by Ang Inradio”.

 Ang in Radio – Ceipes: Youth is in the air will be part of the first institutional radio network of “Ang In Radio”. The network will amplify the initiatives of the National Agency related to youth policies, through a peer-to-peer approach, but his aim will be expecially to act as a tool to inform and listen young people, protagonists during the radio broadcasts along with experts from the world of culture, information, work and society and politics. A free radio, without censorship, where we can talk, confront and grow up.

“Each radio will represent a “garrison” of the ANG at the territorial level – explains Domenico De Maio, Director of the National Youth Agency – they will have to talk about opportunities and opportunities for young people, local projects aimed at the new generations, as well as projects financed in the scope of European programs managed by ANG as Erasmus + and ESC realized in their own region. The initiative aims to promote youth leadership, create “spaces” and “places” for new generations to meet, promote networking and concrete opportunities to network with other local realities to develop creativity, promote talent and foster innovation and new projects aimed at the territory”.

In addition to Ceipes, two other Sicilian associations, the Polimnia association and the social promotion association People Help the People, won the tender. The 3 broadcasters will directly involve 36 children aiming to reach another 15 thousand of their peers to involve them and influence them on the issues of social change, inclusion, scholastic dispersion and active participation.

Many small “megaphones” will born also in the complex districts like Corviale in the outskirts of Rome, where they will speak about education to legality, or in a risk zone like Giugliano in Campania, in the “Land of the fires”, involving schools on recycling and disability issues. But also small towns in inland and rural areas, or in the “Veronetta” district of Verona, site of social clashes and tensions between Italian citizens and of foreigns.

In Sardinia a study set up in a van will turn the region to inform and listen to young people. «The challenge launched in this project, by the proponents, is the testimony of youth participation, even through radio, it can have a great impact on social change. We believe in it! »De Maio concludes. They have organized access to the non-profit associations, active in the areas of inclusion and youth participation for at least 1 year, obtaining funds from €5.000 to €7.500. You can listen to ANG inRadio via the app that can be downloaded for free on the IOS or Android store or via the website www.agenziagiovani.it

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