From 23rd to 30th January 2019, our expert in STEM fild held a 3D printing training course for the teachers of “Monsignor Gagliano” school in Altavilla Milicia, within the “3D4KIDS – Second Education for and through the 3D Printing” project.

3D4KIDS is funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 (Strategic Partnership for innovation and the Exchange of good practices) and it aims to promote the use of 3D printing in secondary schools.

The course involved 8 teachers from different subjects, specifically: art, technology, geography, history, science, literature and mathematics.

The aim of this course is to get teachers to approach this innovative technology, explaining its functioning and the strengths that it has within the school didactics.

3D printers are digital tools that can innovate the teaching of technical, artistic and scientific subjects. These allow the creation of three-dimensional models of objects studied or designed by both pupils and teachers.

3D printing transform the imagination into reality and without doubt its use is an alternative and innovative method to develop new skills and abilities of pupils.

The teachers who participated in the course absorbed different notions, for example: how many types of 3D printer exist, what is additive manufacturing, what is an STL file, how to generate a G-code, what are the software needed for printing, differences between materials such as ABS, Nylon or PLA, etc.

Now they are ready to experiment the knowledge gained through practice and therefore the real use of the 3D printer.

The course is not finished yet, soon we will begin, with students and teachers, the test phase that involves the printing of didactic exercises that have been developed previously.

For further information about the project, you can visit the 3D4KIDS web page or the facebook and twitter page

Or, contact: CEIPES E-mail: Telephone: 091 7848 236 Facebook: Website:

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