On 20th and 21st of Novembert 2021, the partners belonging the consortium of the BECOME BUSY 2.0 project (2020-3-EL02-KA205-006663) met in Thessaloniki. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Program and the main purpose is to provide support to young people so they can receive training, mentoring and networking during their developing process of a business idea. 

The project involves six different organizations, coming from five different countries: Italy, Holland, Greece, Spain and Cyprus (CEIPES, Institoyto Koinonikis Kainotomias Kai Synoxis, Panellinios Sundesmos Epixiriseon Hlektronikon Efarmogon, Pliroforikis Kai Neon Texnologion, ILA, Asociacion Cultural Y Deportiva Lahoya e Cyprus Organization For Sustainable Education And Active Learning).

These two days provided an opportunity to improve mutual knowledge between the partners and to continue defining the transition between the first project, BECOME BUSY, and BECOME BUSY 2.0.

Moreover, the Kick-Off-Meeting was useful for the distribution of tasks between the partners and to updating on the state of art of the first intellectual output, a needs analysis on the use of a virual entrepreneurial pre-incubation strategy.

The next meeting will be in Greece for the first educational activity, during which four youth workers from each partner country will be involved in training activities focused on the use of the pre-incubator.