From Monday to Friday 21st to 25th May 2018 Ceipes has participated to the training week in the framework of the “Digital-S” project, the KA2 Erasmus Plus Project set to spread digital competencies in rural areas.

The “training for trainers” was organized in Timişoara, Romania, by the host organization CPIP and was attended by 3 trainers from all the partners involved.

The week had an intense programme from 9 am to 5 pm every day, with the trainers being committed to develop modules to be later transposed to a target group made up by national stakeholders in rural areas.

CEIPES presented the functioning of its online platform which will be the common tool of the entire Consortium for the local trainings on Digital Skills. Those will be held in the month of October in every partner’s country and will illustrate how the make the best use of digital opportunities according to the needs of the specific target groups. In Italy, Ceipes will select a group of 30 persons, mainly young people, from the Madonie region for the course set to start in October 2018.

Among the other things, during the training, the use of the main digital tools and facilities (social networks, security features) were presented and will be furtherer explained in the unfolding of the local national courses.