On December 10th 2020, the online press conference was held for the presentation of the project Rise Lab – Network for Inclusion, Development and Empowerment (project number: 25 – CUPJ71E20000370008)At the event attended some third sector entities and young role model of the city to discuss the reuse of public assets and the role of the young people.

The Rise-LAB, Network for Inclusion, Development and Empowerment projectfunded by the Department of Youth through the Public notice “Youth for the enhancement of public goods, was launched in order to contribute to the redevelopment of the confiscated mafia property entrusted to CEIPES in 2017. A former warehouse in 20, F. M. Alias streetin the “Uditore” district of Palermo, that it is growing into a multipurpose centre for social inclusion and cultural regeneration, active both locally and internationally. This new project will provide the opportunity to carry out some structural improvements into the building, which had not been possible until now, and to create new areas serving the community. 

The overall objective of the project is to set up a centre of social innovation of integrated and sustainable paths of individual and collective empowerment, as well as artistic-cultural expression, managed in a self-sustainable way through the involvement of local young people, which – starting from a network at local level – will extend by exchanging good practices at international level. 

Rise-Lab’s specific goals: 

  • Redevelopment of a property confiscated from mafia through social inclusion practices, with socio-educational and cultural interventions, and active participation of local young people. 
  • Implementation of economically sustainable activities over time, with the employment of young people, especially young women.  
  • Redevelopment of the district and Sicilian territory – by means of international exchanges – based on the re-appropriation of physical and intellectual areas, involving the expression of creativity and solidarity. 

Following the renovation of the property, spaces will be set up to carry out the activities: an exhibition room and a workshop room.  

The exhibition room will be equipped with a path regarding mankind’s potential, providing inspiration for young people’s personal growth. The structure of the room will be flexible, so as to create different paths for individuals and groups, including interactive ones. 

The workshop room is intended to stimulate the five senses in a process of discovering one’s own potential and developing all transversal skills. Non-formal education techniques will be employed, CEIPES expertise, along with pedagogical learning tools, such as didactic games (designed during an ad hoc workshop) and sensory tools of various kind.  

In addition, a theoretical and practical workshop on murals will be held, in which a group of young people will be followed from the conception to the realisation of one or more murals inside the Rise – Lab and in the “Uditore” district. 

The implementation of the project will allow a self-sustainable management of the property confiscated from mafia, which will become accessible to the whole citizenship, in particular to young people in Sicily, contributing to the creation of a network of confiscated properties in the island. 

For further information please visit:

Website: https://riselab.infoproject.eu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/riselab.project

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/riselab_project/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RiseLab_project