T4proIN– Starts the project to enable everyone to be a tourist

On 27th and 28th April 2022 took place the Kick-Off Meeting of the T4proIN – Training for professionals working in inclusive tourism project in Cadiz.

Spanish coordinator Agencia internacional New Project hosted the project partners from Italy, Bulgaria and Greece to talking about important topic of the project. It was a great chance also to know each other and to enforce the partnership!

T4proIN is a project started in February 2022 that aims to:

  1. Ensure that there are common standards and sets of required competencies for instructors and staff in establishments offering travel services to people with disabilities;
  2. Develop a training program to enable trainers and staff to work professionally with people with different types of disabilities, to understand their needs, and to assist in solving problems related to their specific needs;
  3. Promote the dissemination of relevant good practices and provide training for trainers and staff working in the field of tourism services;
  4. Establish a network of tourist services for the partner area, which may be expanded in the future to provide services and activities for persons with disabilities according to appropriate standards;
  5. Increased social inclusion for PwD and equal opportunities in tourism.

To achieve these goals, AiNP, CEIPES, NARHU, Digital Idea and UoP will create an e-map where people with different type of disabilities disabilities, all type of disability, could find accessible hotels, restaurants, leisure structures and so on. Accessible tourism means accessible information and for this reason, T4proIN website, soon available, will be attentive to the use of easy-to-read language in all partner country languages.

During the two days of meeting, AiNP gave partners the opportunity to visit Cadiz on board of an Hop on Hop off Bus, to learn more about this beautiful place and its history and cultural heritage accompanied by Tourism Management Technician Augustin Fernandez Cruz and hosted by the City Councillor of Tourism Montemayor Mures Aznar: a pleasant conclusion to two days of intense activity that promises fruitful cooperation.

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