On 25 and 26 november CEIPES participated in the “New Ideas New Opportunities Network” event which took place in Brussels. 
The initiative was promoted by CPIP, Center for the Promotion of Lifelong Learning, a Romanian organization with which CEIPES has been collaborating for years, developing projects under various programs funded by European Commission. 

About 50 organizations from 19 countries participated at the event, sharing about 90 project ideas in the following thematic areas: justice, agricolture and rural development, education, social economy, entrepreneurship, well-being, social inclusion and school education.

Thw two days were divided into different sessions. During the first day, the participants worked in groups, divided into thematic tables, where everyone had the opportunity to share a projectual idea. The second day was more dynamic and gave space to the organization of short meetings between colleagues from different organizations who shared their work and talked about future collaborations. 

Three members of our CEIPES team took part in the thematic tables, shared the experience of CEIPES and developed new project ideas with the present European partners.

The experience has been fruitful and we hope that occasions like this allow CEIPES and its partners to consolidate existing collaborations and develop new cooperations and new networks of partners and stakeholders.

Now is the time to start working on the implementation of innovative projects and create new strategic partnerships for the European calls for 2022.

For more information, follow the official accounts: on the web site and Facebook.



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