Human and civil rights unit continues with its mobilities and on the 7th and 8th of September the 5TM of the Gendermen project took place in Rijeka (Croatia), hosted by the Skola Dante partner.

The partners met finally face to face for the first time after many months of online meeting, and it was a very productive moment for the project.

The meeting took place in Skola Dante headquarter in the city center and the consortium shared their experiences and activities carried out in the three involved countries in the scope of Gendermen project.

All the partners had a wonderful experience with the local face to face training activities, when local participants had the possibility to deepen their knowledge in the field of the role of men in gender issues, sharing their experiences and opinions.

In the following weeks the partnership will deliver an e-learning platform with interesting contents on the gender topic that is free to all the people who would like to know more about the gender stereotypes from a male point of view.

The Gendermen project is coming to an end, in October there will be the final event, where the project results will be presented, together with other guests, that are expert in gender studies. Don’t miss the final event, follow CEIPES social networks to see all the updates.