ESCAPE RACISM – The project handbook is now available in Italian!

Latest news on Escape Racism – Toolbox to promote inclusive communities – project number: 2019-2-IT03-KA205-016906. CEIPES, as coordinator, is happy to announce that the Italian translation of the first output of the project is now available for download.

The project involves four partners from Italy, Spain, England, and Hungary. The main goal of the project is to develop educational escape rooms for the promotion of human rights, tolerance, and the prevention of racism. The project contributes to raising awareness of – and eventually overcoming – all forms of racism and discrimination.

To involve young people, various interactive and playful tools were used within an educational framework.

All partners involved in the project conducted research with the handbook results to provide a general overview of the use of games in educational environments, and a theoretical background for each topic, with special attention to racism, disabilities, bullying, modern slavery and borders.

The handbook, produced in English in the implementation of Intellectual Output 1, is finally available in Italian and can be downloaded through this link.

Used as a theoretical basis for developing the two different escape room scenarios, it offers an overview at European level, providing critical analysis tools that can also be used outside the individual countries involved in research and development of educational methods.

The handbook will also be integrated into the IO3 project, which envisages the production of digital and multimedia material that can be used by the general public through the creation of a dedicated online portal.

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