There are news about the Escape Racism project – Toolbox to promote inclusive communities – project number 2019-2-IT03-KA205-016906. CEIPES, as the project coordinator, is very happy to announce that the first output was launched.

The project involves five partners from four different countries including Italy, UK, Spain, and Hungary. The main aim of the project is to develop educational escape rooms for the promotion of human rights, tolerance, and racism prevention. The project shall help to raise an awareness to and eventually overcome all forms of racism and discrimination. To attract youngsters of all different backgrounds, playful tools are used within an educational background.

All partners conducted a research with the outcome of a Handbook, in order to give an overview about the use of games in educational surroundings and a theoretical background of each topic, specifically determined as racism, disabilities, bullying, modern slavery and borders.
Best practice educational escape room examples can be discovered next to the advantages of gamification of education. The following chapters summarise the current situation of the determined topics in the four partner countries and give an overview about the European position.

The research contains not only topic-related data, but also discriminatory legislation and jurisdiction, as well as examples that have been famous in press and media within the participating countries and beyond.

Infographics have been developed at the end of each chapter for a graphic depiction of the results. They show, divided into the different topics, the most important outcomes of the research for every partner country and the European level. The infographics can be also found on the project’s social media pages.

In the next steps, all partners will create Escape Rooms according to the determined topics.
With the outcomes of Escape Racism, the consortium will offer new methodologies for educators and trainers and new educational experiences for youngsters.

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