Project name: – ELISA “Entrepreneurial Learning in Sport to support Young Athletes employability development”
Project number: 662904-EPP-1-2020-1-EL-SPO-SCP
Funded by: Erasmus + Sport – Collaborative Partnerships
Start date: 1/1/2021
End date: 30/06/2023
Partners: Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute – Fifty-Fifty (Greece); CEIPES (Italy); DRUSTVO ZA RAZVIJANJE PROSTOVOLJNEGA DELA NOVO MESTO (Slovenia); INSTYTUT ROZWOJU SPORTU I EDUKACJI (Poland); SAVEZ SPORT ZA SVE VOJVODINE (Serbia); INTERNATIONALE ARBEIDSVERENIGING (Netherlands); National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – EKPA (Greece) 

On 18 and 19 November 2021, the kick-off meeting of our brand new Elisa project took place at the University of Athens. 

Elisa aims to train and inspire young athletes to engage in entrepreneurial activities during and at the end of their sporting career. The project aims to enable athletes to develop and implement new skills through the use of the innovative tool of Serious Game. 

More and more athletes in different European countries feel the need to pursue sporting and academic/work paths in parallel. Being an elite or high-potential athlete should not preclude the possibility of obtaining adequate training to build a future job at the end of their sporting career.  

The main objective of the ELISA project is therefore to increase the development of the skills of young athletes and those who work with them (coaches, educators, sports associations and clubs) by fostering the development of entrepreneurial skills and, at the same time, facilitating dual career paths for athletes.  

From the beginning, the consortium will actively engage in the implementation of the following activities: 

– Planning and implementation of a research on young athletes’ entrepreneurial skills. 

– Design and development of an innovative educational online game (Serious Game). Serious Game aims in particular at enhancing entrepreneurial skills, promoting and motivating participants in a playful way to develop their knowledge, skills and competences, so that athletes can include entrepreneurship in their dual career paths.  

In particular, the expected results of the project are: 

– Research report on entrepreneurial skills of young athletes 

– Methodological guide for career development  

– ELISA Sport Serious Play: E – Game for viable business models addressing challenges based on athletes’ dual careers 

– ELISA training programmes and pilots  

The kick-off meeting was a great opportunity to introduce the consortium partners and to outline the first actions to be implemented.  

The consortium is also working on the visual identity of the project, as well as on the creation of the project website and social media channels. 

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