CEIPES inaugurates the Rise-Lab project

On Friday 3 June 2022, CEIPES presented the RISE LAB project – Network for Inclusion, Development and Empowerment to the city of Palermo (project number: NOTICE PAC 2018-BENI-CUPJ71E20000370008).

In recent years, thanks to the project, the organization has enhanced and made available a property confiscated from the mafia, returning it to the community and in particular to the youngest.

In 2017, CEIPES participated in a announcement funded by the Department of Youth Policies and the Universal Civil Service with the notice “Young people for the enhancement of public assets”, becoming the assignee for ten years of an asset confiscated from the mafia.

The Rise Lab project allowed to transform a former warehouse in via Francesco Maria Alias ​​20, in the Uditore district of Palermo, into a multipurpose center for social inclusion and cultural regeneration, active locally and internationally. The aim of the project is therefore to create a center of social innovation, made up of integrated, innovative and sustainable paths, aimed at promoting individual and collective empowerment and artistic-cultural expression.

The following took part in the Inauguration Conference: representatives of the Consulta of Cultures and Peace; University professors; exponents of local associations, students of the Marco Polo Institute and the Ninni Cassarà High School and citizens interested in the topics.

The participants were able to experience the new spaces at the service of the community at 360 ° and closely observe the structural improvements made to the property thanks to the Rise Lab project. In particular, users visited the MADE – Analogical Digital Museum of Empowerment – and its laboratory rooms set up within the CEIPES premises.

During the museum exhibition, set up along the entire surface of the centre, users interacted with technological tools including augmented and virtual reality, analog and educational related to the issues of Sustainable Development of the UN 2030 Agenda.
In fact, the MADE concept is divided into three different information paths: sustainability and respect for the environment; gender equality and identity; migration and interculturality.

These themes, through the use of different exhibition techniques, aim to stimulate individual and collective development in young people, social regeneration and encourage reflections and behaviors of active citizenship.

In the afternoon the participants took part in three different didactic workshops, developed ad hoc starting from the MADE themes. These workshops are designed to stimulate the five senses in a path to discover their potential and encourage the development of transversal skills, through the use of non-formal education techniques, combined with pedagogical learning tools.

The whole center will be managed in a sustainable way, through the involvement of young people from the area.

The inauguration of the Rise Lab Center represents a huge milestone for the entire CEIPES staff. All the spaces designed and built are available to the community and will allow different target groups to deal with innovative / educational paths, aimed at promoting the personal growth of each individual. The Center allows for the creation of an interconnection between the local and the international dimension, within which CEIPES has been operating for many years.