Project name: Ang in Radio – Ceipes: Youth is in the air!

Duration:  4 months

Coordinator:  CEIPES (ITALY)

Project number: ANG-2019-IR-12


Ang in Radio – Ceipes: Youth is in the air! has finally become true, the project aims to be a contribute to our community, enriching it with the enthusiasm and talents of young people, necessary to counter the weaknesses and contradictions that we’re facing today and also to give a chance to the different youth voices present in our society to express themselves.

This project will be carried out by a group of 11 young Sicilian representatives from different cultures and will be based in Palermo, in the “Rise – Lab” center here at CEIPES. The general purpose of the project is to encourage the participation of young people in the area, facilitating spaces of knowledge and aggregation also for young people in situations of social, cultural and economic disadvantage, through the use of digital, artistic and educational tools.

The digital radio will promote the opportunities offered by Europe and the National Youth Agency, with particular attention to local and European volunteering and will focus on issues such as: art as an instrument of expression and union among peoples, raising awareness of diversity by overcoming stereotopes and prejudices, sport as a way to overcome cultural and physical barriers.

The project will last 4 months, from July to November 2019 with a follow-up of at least another four months and will involve, in addition to the organizers of the activities, at least another 500 young people through participation in local initiatives and events.

Work team will follow a workshop path, according to non-formal education methodologies, which will allow them to develop personal, relational and specific skills in the field of Web Radio. CEIPES will support the growth of this group thanks to the experience gained over the years.

The planned transmissions, in addition to other podcasts based on the contacts and initiatives that will be created step by step, wants to spread a positive message to the new generations, in an authentic and innovative way with the support of the talents and the artistic skills of young people.

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