On December 3rd 2019 CEIPES – Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell’Educazione e lo Sviluppo hosted the italian National Youth Agency for the inauguration of the webradio “Ang in CEIPES Radio: Youth is in the Air, which joins the other 2 radios of the association ‘Php- people help the people’ and Polimnia from Acireale.

After a visit of the offices, director Domenico De Maio, inaugurated the radio with the usual ribbon cutting, which took place in the presence of our young volunteers. The day continued inside the theater where a podcast was made based on the birth of our webradio that involved the director De Maio in a deep and intense exchange on the world of podcasts and the activities carried out by the Agency.

Beautiful moments were reached during Chris Obey’s live performance, with his song “Mama Africa” ​​enchanted all the people, and continued with another performance, the director himself, who once taked the guitar with the notes of “A me me piace ‘o blues” gave us moments of pure joy.

The general purpose of the project, realized thanks to the National Youth Agency’s funds for the call for the creation of Ang In Radio’s digital radio network “is to encourage the participation of young people in the area, facilitating spaces for knowledge and of aggregation also for young people in situations of social, cultural and economic disadvantage, through the use of digital, artistic and educational tools.

“The initiative aims to promote youth leadership, to create spaces for new generations to meet, to promote networking and concrete opportunities to network with other local realities to develop creativity, promote talent and innovation and new projects aimed at the territory ”- explains Domenico De Maio, Director of the italian National Youth Agency.

See also the article from Giornale di Sicilia following this link: https://gds.it/articoli/economia/2019/12/04/agenzia-nazionale-per-i-giovani-nate-tre-web-radio-in-sicilia-fda1b5fe-f81b-495d-9e47-39d558efcba8/?fbclid=IwAR3j8Grp7x2xBJrm-OmpjfM2E67LgVu0O4_HcPxs5a6IRXH5rOiEig7cjgs

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