On the 13rd May Ceipes’ staff were at I.C.S. “Monsignor Gagliano” – Altavilla Milicia (PA) for a demonstration workshop on the use of the 3D printing in the education sector.

This workshop has been attended by Italian students from the school involved and some Spanish students that the Altavilla school is hosting in these days.

The Altavilla school, in these days is hosting, through the European project “The shapes of Europe in my bag”, several schools from different countries: Poland, Spain, Finland and and Turkey.

The workshop led by Ceipes is an activity that is part of the 3D4KIDS project (project number: 2017-1-UK01-KA201-036669).

3D4KIDS project aims at promoting the use of 3D printers in secondary schools. It is a project funded by the European Commission within the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 (Strategic Partnership for innovation and the Exchange of good practices).

The consortium partner that is carrying out the project activities is composed by: Furness Academy (United Kingdom), IES José Luis Castillo-Puche (Spain), Srednja šola za oblikovanje Maribor (Slovenia), CEIPES (Italy), CETEM (Spain), STYRIAN TECHNOLOGY PARK (Slovenia), Pristálica (Spain).

During the workshop, Ceipes 3D printing experts explained the 3D4KIDS project and introduced the 3D printer tool to kids through practical demonstrations.

Considerable feedback were received. The students who participated were enthusiastic about the activity carried out recognizing the potential in using his technology in the school sector.

For further information about the project, you can visit the project website or follow the facebook page and twitter page

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