UPCOMING WOMEN – The First E-Newsletter! 

The project UPCOMING WOMEN started in November 2021 and aims to empower and upskill low-skilled women in situations of vulnerability in order to become more globally competent and therefore to boost their social and labor inclusion. 

The project targets also upskill professionals by equipping them with globally competent and gender-based digital tools and mentoring methodologies to improve their work with low-skilled women and in situations of vulnerability and better support them. 

Furthermore, the project focuses on raising awareness about gender inequalities and advancing gender equality. 


The partnership has been already working on the content development of Project Result 1 “Interactive Microlearning Courses”, and Project Result 2 “Experimental Workshops”, according to the instructions provided by the responsible partners and with respect to the timeline. They will be finalized by the end of 2022.  

The UPCOMING WOMEN Project Results will be available in 7 languages. 

During the next months, the partners will also proceed to the content development of 

the Project Result 3 “Mentorship Programme”, according to the guidelines and action plan that will be provided by the responsible partner. 

The Consortium is made of Partners from different countries to build innovation at a global level and ensure a broad transferability and sustainability of the project. Specifically, they are from: Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Turkey  

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Stay tuned for our next action! 

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