The consortium met again for the accessible tourism


On 3rd and 4th November 2022, the partners of the T4proIN project (AiNP, CEIPES, NARHU, UoP and Digital Idea) met at the CEIPES office in Palermo to discuss the project’s achievements reached and the next steps.

There were many items on the agenda during this second international meeting, including the development of the website and the topics to be included in the MOOC platform that will be created for the training of tourism professionals who want to learn how to be fully accessible to all types of disabilities.

During the coming months, all project partners will put more effort into this crucial activity in order to welcome as many stakeholders as possible in all partner countries.

Digital Idea, a partner from Greece, took care of the development of the project website; during the meeting, the whole consortium thought about how to make it more appealing and accessible, agreeing to include more news to allow users to stay up to date on what the consortium is doing.

So far, the partnership has been effective in analysing the needs of both people with disabilities and hoteliers, restaurateurs and various associations that support people with disabilities in various ways. Several questionnaires (filled out by almost 200 people in all) and also various meetings that the partner organisations held with local associations related to both the world of disability and accessible tourism in particular were useful for this purpose. The consortium also held a number of collective webinars to listen to the needs of people with disabilities from experts and people with disabilities themselves, in order to be absolutely certain of creating a training course that would make accommodation facilities truly inclusive and, consequently, make possible greater social inclusion of people with disabilities.

The experiences and expertise brought into the project from the various countries involved (i.e. Spain, Greece, Italy and Bulgaria) made it possible to effectively decide how to divide the training programme that will be developed within the project for the management team and employees of each participating facility. In the coming months, the project partners will devote themselves to developing the necessary materials.

Finally, the consortium treated itself to a short alternative tour of the city offered by one of the stakeholders involved, Tacus Arte, Integrazione e Cultura. Discovering the history of the city from such an alternative point of view made for an interesting digression and the meeting of the entire partnership with this association that promotes the cultural integration of people with disabilities in the city of Palermo.

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