SIEP 2.0 – Constructing with parents and educators against bullying

Having concluded the formation of students against discrimination and bullying through non-formal instruments, CEIPES has proceeded to the completion of the successive step of SIEP 2.0: SIEP Labs. 

These events are fundamental for the realization of the project, since they add a new level of depth to the community conscience in the fight against discrimination, by personally involving parents, tutors, educators, and professors in the process. 

The participants to SIEP Labs were introduced to the core practices of the project and the way they were implemented with the students. After explaining the good practices applied in the previous events, the adults had the occasion to see their students and children in action and to confront them to have a clearer idea of the concrete strategies.  

Through the dialogue with the participants to the SIEP Lab, CEIPES had the opportunity to gather feedbacks, suggestions, and possible improvements of the project, by simultaneously sharing precious instruments to make the listeners future actors in changing their communities for good. 

Having thus concluded the third stage of the progress, CEIPES moves to the next step, collecting the responses of all the participants to the Community Consultations, Role Model formations and SIEP Labs to have a complete picture of the impact of the project so far.

This will lead to further improvement and, eventually, the final stage of SIEP, with the creation of the European Book of Recommendations. 

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