SIEP 2.0 – Collecting feedback: so far so good!

On date 10th of May 2023, CEIPES has concluded the feedback sessions for the project SIEP 2.0.  

The events have involved the three schools that have been protagonists of the previous months of workshops and activities. Indeed, in the past months, the participants have experimented first-hand all the various phases of the project.  

First, they took part to the Local Community Consultation, in which the students and professors had their opportunity to express their opinion about bullying and discrimination in their personal experience and were later presented the main activities of the project.  

Secondly, through the workshops that were implemented in each school, Role Models were formed: they are going to be a point of reference for all their communities and will apply all the techniques and good practices at the core of SIEP 2.0. 

Lastly, through SIEP Labs, educators, parents, professors, and tutors were informed about the activities partaken by their children, were given more information about the project in general and were invited to participate in future events. 

The feedback sessions that were just concluded had the purpose of collecting the participants’ reviews of all these activities, as well as the opinions of the participants to cross-European formation event that took place in Portugal, in Santa Maria da Feira, at the beginning of the year. 

The participants were enthusiast about the way the project deployed, giving an overall extremely positive response, especially concerning the “Put yourself in my shoes” methodology, deemed fun but also deep and thought-provoking. 

In the following months the project shall move to its next phase, with the implementation of workshops held by the Role Models.

To know more about SIEP 2.0, follow the official social media accounts (Facebook/Instagram) and the website.

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