Another step forward together!

In December 2022, CEIPES  finally concluded the testing phase of the manuals produced during the research phase of the previous months regarding the ‘RE-WRITE‘ project.

The ‘RE-WRITE‘ project aims to create practical and useful resources to be given to unemployed adults at risk of social exclusion, such as women who have lost their jobs due to maternity leave, migrants, the elderly and ex-offenders seeking to be reintegrated into civil society.

Over the past few months, CEIPES and the other partners of the consortium have been hard at work researching methodologies and important tools to ensure accessible and efficient resources for anyone wishing to start their own business in the cultural and artistic-digital sector.

Needs analysis, market research, and a study of social media are just some of the steps taken to bring to light two important tools: a methodological handbook to guide anyone wishing to start their own business in the artistic-digital sector in the world of social networks, now increasingly present in our daily lives and important vehicles of information and publicity, and a guide on national good practices in the public and private sector, the result of a nationwide research conducted in the consortium countries.

Finally, the resources created were administered by CEIPES’ staff to at least 6 unemployed adults. The training also included professional adult educators, psychologists and teachers.

The feedback reported by the participants was positive: with enthusiasm, both learners and trainers appreciated the work conducted so far and were also very interested in the topics of the “RE-WRITE” project.

CEIPES will be very soon in Lisbon, Portugal, on 9th and 10th of January to jointly discuss what has been done, what has been achieved and what still needs to be done to ensure that everyone has access to the resources created.

For further updates or information on the RE-WRITE project, follow social pages (Instagram, Twitter) and project website!


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