RE-WRITE: Resources for Education in Writing Radio Plays to Inspire Transition into Creative Employment

Project Number: 2020-1-UK01-KA227-ADU-094443
Timespan of the Project: 30/06/2021 – 29/06/2023

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The objectives of the project are to:

  • Develop, test & embed new, innovative, non-formal learning resources for upskilling and nurturing creative talents
  • Foster entrepreneurship & increase employment opportunities through creative digital literacy
  • Contribute to European goals of innovating skills development and digital competencies
  • Encourage social inclusion of unemployed & marginalised adults

The main activities of the project focusing on the coproduction of a new set of training resources, to promote skill development, digital competencies and social inclusion through creativity and the arts. The set of creative non formal learning resources will develop test and imbed to upskill and nurture the creative artistic talents and digital competencies of adults removed from the labour market, fostering entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for the RE-WRITE learner within the post covid cultural, creative and growing audio digital sectors, across Europe.

  1. A series of podcasts to develop specific skills needed in the European creative and digital sector, specifically in the area of creating, writing, and recording audio plays.
  2. An online learning resource to train learners about employers needs and recruitment processes of arts and culture sector. This will help participants to identify and secure employment opportunities with digital and creative employers.
  3. An online learning resource, upskilling learners in innovative ways of using social media to market their own creative & digital works on a national, EU and international level to create viable, sustainable self-employment.
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